Lesson 4

Initial Client Meeting

Gathering requirements from the client


Lesson Outline

The Project

Up until this point we have just been focusing on general theory. From this point onward, the structure of the module is going to change. Each lesson will follow the progress of the real application that I developed for a real client and the process I took to do that (the reason I am able to share all of this is because the real client is my wife).

Basically, I documented every activity I undertook in the order that I did it, to provide a realistic view of what actually using an Agile process might look like. This includes summaries of conversations with the client, how I communicated with the client, artifacts I created, code I wrote, tools that I set up, processes that I set up, how I responded to change requests, and so on. Then I've gone back through and cleaned everything up and added some additional context/theory where necessary - but I've also made sure to keep this pretty "raw" - I'm not trying to hide any ugly details or mistakes along the way.

Before we get into the actual beginning of the project, I will give you some context on how this project even came about in the first place. In brief, my wife is studying to become a massage therapist with the view to starting her own business. She wanted an application to help manage clients, and being the supportive husband I am I agreed to build this for her... on the condition that I would treat this like I would a real client project, and publish absolutely everything including the source code in a module for Elite Ionic!

Being the supportive wife that she is, she happily agreed and that brings us to the beginning of this project. To keep things authentic, I kept communication on this topic between us isolated and professional, and I will herby coldly refer to my wife as "the client". For reference, my wifes name is Kathy, which will be relevant in some circumstances when I am talking about authentication.

We will get more into the details of this application as we go, but the broad idea is that the app would allow her to:

  • Schedule appointments
  • View client details and history
  • Allow clients to fill out pre-massage forms and feedback forms

I had originally planned to include the project in it's entirety in this module, but I quickly discovered that was an absurd idea. The amount of content was just too high, and after a certain point there isn't really anything new to learn anyway - it's just repeating that same iterative process over and over again. What I did instead was include the first four sprints through to completion.


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