This feature is not available yet, but I am aiming to launch it in the first half of 2022

What is this?

This page will contain premium resources that will be similar to themes/starter applications, but with more emphasis on learning and education rather than being intended to be used as a plug-and-play style item.

A resource might include a collection of best practice animation examples, or a shop front application with a solid state management foundation baked in, or a complex application with well-designed unit and E2E tests. Along with the code itself and resources, there will also typically be additional supporting education material to help understand the practices being used and to implement them yourself.

You will be free to use these resources for whatever commercial or non-commercial purposes you wish, but it is intended for use by developers who will be able to understand and make the required modifications to the code themselves. The primary focus of these resources will be on education and general skill improvement, not on saving time or development effort with resources that you can just drop into your workflow.

All resources will be available for free to PRO members, and there will likely be some resources that are free for everyone.