Consulting Services

Although my primary focus is on creating and updating content for Elite Ionic, I do generally have some availability for small consulting engagements. On this page, you will find details of how my consulting engagements are structured. The availability of different packages may change depending on my availability.

What can I help you with?

I'm familiar with a broad range of technologies related to the web, and may be able to help you with topics not listed below. However, these are the most common topics that I consult for and have the most expertise in:

  • Ionic
  • Angular
  • StencilJS
  • Capacitor
  • Animations
  • UI/UX
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Code Reviews

For anything not listed here, make sure to get in touch first. If you have not already contacted me before purchasing any of the packages below, I will follow up with you shortly after purchase.

David Izatt

David Izatt | Software Architect, Essenti Technologies

We engaged Josh as the subject matter expert for the mobile portion of our project with the intention to create a more effective team by offloading some of the more complex aspects of our work. I am happy to say that our expectations were met and exceeded.

From the start, Josh's experience and easy going manner made it easy for us to include him as a team member in our software engineering process. His knowledge and enthusiasm turned what would be schedule blocking issues, into easily manageable tasks with a quick turnaround. Easily the most bang for the buck! In short - hire Josh. Your engineers, customers, and budget will thank you.

General Support | $100/hr

Scheduled times: If required
Live Calls/Chats: Not available
Email Communication: Yes

The general support packages allow you to email me with whatever queries you have, and I will respond to them via email usually within 24 hours during business hours.

These packages can be used up slowly over time as needed, or I can schedule in time to tackle larger work in big chunks (like debugging help or code reviews). People typically use these packages for:

  • Quick emails with small questions
  • Getting unstuck on roadblocks
  • General guidance on approaches to take
  • Code reviews
  • Debugging
  • Setting up a good architecture for an application

I will keep track of any time used and will notify you when the time has run out.

Purchase a General Support package:

1 hour3 hours10 hours (please contact me)

Weekly Packages | $130/hr

Scheduled times: Yes
Live Calls/Chats: If required
Email Communication: Yes

The weekly package functions similarly to a large general support purchase, however the weekly package will be scheduled to be completed all within a single week. This will also allow for a live call/chat to be scheduled during the week if that is required.

Purchase a Weekly package:

10 hours (unavailable)20 hours (unavailable)

Monthly Packages

This package is not yet available.

Bernhard Keller

Bernhard Keller | Thank you for your great support. I appreciate the quality and speed of your answers. It is difficult to find solutions to some questions while developing mobile apps and your support made my life easier.

Additional Information


Please note that unused consulting hours are not refundable (e.g. if you only want to use 1 out of 3 available hours, you can not receive a refund for the remaining two hours). Once work has commenced consulting packages are not refundable, however if you decide that the services aren't for you - or that a different package might be better suited - before commencing work I will happily provide a full refund.


You will have a full year to use up any consulting time from the time you purchase a package. This time limit will reset any time you top up with additional hours.

Ongoing Availability

I typically do not work with a single client for more than 10 hours per month for general support, so you will not always be able to purchase additional time if required. If you do require work on a more consistent basis make sure to contact me first, or you might also want to investigate hiring an agency Ionic's trusted partners program.

For the weekly and monthly packages there is also no guarantee that I will be available for additional consulting after the initial purchase, so please make sure to discuss this with me beforehand if that might be something you require.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

As a general rule, I will not sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or any other contract that your organisation might require. As an ethical and professional software engineer I will of course keep any sensitive or confidential information private. However, as I typically only engage in small consulting arrangements, it is not worth the expense to me to have these contracts reviewed in order to make sure I am not exposing myself to any unexpected legal risks.

Looking for other options?

If you think a more self-directed approach might better suit you, I have a range of books available as well as the training material on this site.