Lesson 19

Sprint Three Review

Our sprint review and retrospect


Lesson Outline

Sprint Three: Review

After sending the latest iteration to the client, the only new requests that came out of gathering client feedback were:

  • Display the time/date that client feedback was submitted in the list of feedbacks to view
  • Add a feedback button to get from the home page to the feedback page
  • Simplify the feedback form - replace all of the body part options with a single "Where there any particular areas that you liked or disliked?" text box

There is still the issue of how best to represent the feedback on the feedback form for ranges, but we are going to address this at a later time. This is the benefit of investing time into the JSON approach we created - we aren't building and rebuilding and scrapping work with this iterative feedback process - now we can just make a couple of tweaks to the underlying JSON data to make the changes we need for now (and likely we would need to make some later).

These requests will be tacked onto the main goal for our next sprint which will be implementing the functionality related to a client filling out a survey/client history form. This is a form they are required to fill out before their massage session, and if you recall there are two main things we want to achieve here:

  1. The client should be able to fill this out from their own device
  2. The massage therapist should be able to fill it out on their device (with the client or by giving the device to the client)

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