Lesson 25

Final Touches

Almost there!


Lesson Outline

Final Touches

Before we wrap up this module, let's do one last pass to improve the styling a bit before sending this iteration off to the client. From browsing around the application there are a few things that stand out as needing obvious attention.

Again, we're missing some back navigations for the following pages:

  • client-survey
  • client-survey-detail

We will add in some E2E tests to deal with those, and then there are various places that could do with some style improvements, such as:

  • View responses button on client-detail page
  • The link itself on the client-detail page
  • The client-survey page needs some styling

Project management

Remember to create a new issue for these tasks and create a new task branch.

Let's start with the E2E test for the back navigations - we will add this one to the client-detail.cy.ts file:

  it('can navigate back to the client detail page from the view response detail page', () => {


    getNameDisplay().should('contain.text', testClient.name.first);

Let's check that it fails:


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