Lesson 7

Installing CouchDB Locally

Getting CouchDB running on your local machine


Lesson Outline

Installing CouchDB Locally

In order to use PouchDB and CouchDB in our application, we are going to have to set both of these up. PouchDB is just a library that we will install directly into our Ionic application, but we need to install CouchDB on a server and interact with it there.

Eventually, we will move our CouchDB database to a cloud service like Amazon Web Services or Cloudant for hosting (there are other services available for hosting, but we will get into that later), but for development, we are going to use a locally installed version of CouchDB.


The method for installing CouchDB will vary slightly based on what operating system you are using, but for the most part, it is just a simple download/install from the CouchDB website.

If you get stuck, CouchDB also provides platform specific installation instructions here.


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